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Coming up: CERTIFIABLE Season 2!

Certifiable is onto Season 2!

Join Gabby, Lex and the gang - including me as Dr Poostein - for more hijinks at the asylum! 

We will be shooting fall 2021

Speaking of Family...

The new mini-web series I created with help from my friends! Shot entirely on Zoom with our phones, iPads and laptops. 

A family comedy about dysfunction in the time of virus and how one family tries to cope.

Carol Ann Graham as GRETA

Val Uff as KENT

Trent Rozycki as TROY

Michelle Pauls as JULIA

and editor exemplar, Mariel Ferry

Written & Directed by Michelle Pauls

Published story!

I am honored and very grateful to be a published author in the GriefDialogues online magazine. I would be honored if you read my story, Shorty here. Just click on the picture of Shorty!

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