Some cool things I got going on:



Starring role in feature film DEADLY GAMBLE, Cerrito Prod. Available on Amazon now!

Awarded my first Artist in Residence at the Horned Dorset Arts Colony in Leonardsville, New York. I have finished the first draft of my play, LIVING ROOM. Stay tuned!

I am honored to be teaching theatre at Penn State on the Abington campus, outside of Philadelphia. My students are rcreating their own performances around these issues! Watch their latest Live & Online performance here:

I'm an actress, director, singer and theatre arts educator. I love to work on stage and on camera. I am adept at improvisation, versatile and daring, plumbing the depths of emotion in my work. I look for creatively challenging work with talented artists who have a strong story to tell.

"Michelle is very emotional, and she lived her character... a brilliant performance."  --Mario Cerrito, director, DEADLY GAMBLE.


"Michelle Pauls [is] brilliant...crafts [a] stunning physical performance in a staging I can only describe as terrifying"



"Michelle Paul’s rendition of Briseis is a stunning portrait not of the helpless woman, but of the power one finds in the most hopeless of situations" -- PHINDIE.

love, Michelle!

Starring as Dr Poostein in the wacky webseries CERTIFIABLE, LunaK Productions. Distributed worldwide now! You can watch it on Amazon Prime or here: 

I created a mini-web series: SPEAKING OF FAMILY... 

Watch the pilot episode here:

photo by Phillip Silverstone

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